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Mike Phillips
01-11-2018, 07:16 AM
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Very Good


Package 1: High Quality Budget Exterior Car Detail

What your car gets with when you choose Package 1
My Package 1 is actually a very good detail job for most cars and most people. Here's why,

A: I do the work personally and I do top quality work whether I'm working on a Ford or a Ferrari or whether doing a basic detail or a full-out show car detail.

B: I only use products that use top quality abrasive technology.

Abrasive Technology
When it comes to getting your car detailed, like all things... you get what you pay for. If you hire a hack detailer that doesn't have any real and up to date knowledge of the tools, pads and products used in the car detailing industry then chances are good they will do more harm to your car than good. Specifically, if they are using cheap paint care products they will remove too much paint and also leave swirls in the paint.

Paint is thin
If you don't already know, let me educate you. The clear layer of paint on your car is thinner than a Post-it Note.

This is a post it note between my fingers

All the UV protection for the entire paint system is in this top thin layer of clear paint. When a detailer remove too much this can and will lead to accelerated clearcoat failure.

Clearcoat failure

Now let me put this together for you.

Modern cars don't come with a lot of paint to start with. If exposed to extreme sunlight like we have here in South Florida, plus wet weather, (water acts to break things down), you now have everything working AGAINST your car's paint. If the car is a daily driver, parked outside alll of the time, this is about as bad as it can get for making your car's clearcoat fail, which means breakdown or disintegrate.

If you or someone else uses cheap products, which means cheap abrasive technology, the abrasives may remove defects but they are going to leave their own defects, (swirls scratches), in the paint. This makes the paint MORE OPENED UP and this makes the paint deteriorate even faster than if it had just been left alone. This is why I say, you get what you pay for. If you hire a hack detailer they will probably do more harm to your car than good.

Opened up
Generally speaking, a flat, smooth surface will hold up and last longer than an opened up surface. When paint is filled with swirls, (swirls are scratches in the paint), it looks like the image below,

Swirls are actually scratches in the paint

Smooth surface
When car paint is correctly machine polished, the results are a flat, smooth surface. Not only will the paint look better but it will last longer.

A properly machine polish surface is smooth and flat

I only use products that use GREAT abrasive technology. This means they are able to remove defects without leaving their own defects (micro-marring which is a type of scratch), in the paint.

And this is why I say, my Package 1 is actually a very good detail job for most cars and most people.

If you have a daily driver or even something cool in the garage and you want it to look great but you don't want to spend a lot of money, then my Package 1 is perfect for you. Your car will look great and you can have peace of mind that the person doing the work is 100% up to speed with all the current technology and is doing pro grade work at a great price.

For this package I do the normal steps of washing and drying the car followed by removing any bonded contaminants like overspray paint or industrial fallout. Next any plastic trim is taped off to protect it and then the paint is machine polished using an orbital polisher with a high quality one-step cleaner/wax.

A one-step cleaner/wax will compound, polish and leave the paint waxed in one step. A quality product in the right hands with the right tool and the correct pads can actually leave a close-to-perfect finish. And because I can do all three steps in one-step, I can offer this package at a great price.

After I've finished, the results can last from 3 to 6 months before the paint will need to be re-waxed. How long any results last ALWAYS comes down to how the paint is touched. By the word touched I mean, how the car is washed and dried.

Car Washing Options
In order of the best to worst options for how to wash your car,

Careful hand wash by owner or pro detailer
Touchless Wash
100% Hand Wash

The worst way to wash your car is to take it to an automatic car wash. The spinning brushes will abrade off the wax and put scratches in the paint. The soft mop version is only slightly better.

If this packages sounds like it fits your needs, then contact me to schedule an appointment.