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» Package 1: Budget Exterior Car Detail
Very Good

Package 1: High Quality Budget Exterior Car Detail

Price: $395.00
Tiime required: 5 hours

This includes,

1: Wash and dry
2: Clay paint
3: Machine apply one-step cleaner/wax
4: Dress tires

This is a high quality one-step exterior detail. It's a simple process and the key to why it's so effective is due to the abrasive technology utilized in the products I choose.

Who should purchase this package?
If you want your car to look great, have great peace-of-mind that the job is being done right the first time but don't want to spend a ton of money, then is is the package for you.

My recommendation
This is perfect for daily drivers parked outside most or all of the time. It's also perfect for any car including muscle cars and streetrods if you what the high gloss look but simplly don't have the budget for Package 2.

Note: Extra large vehicles add $100.00 for time, material and labor.

» Package 1 - More info
Package 1 - More information

My Package 1 is actually a very good detail job for most cars and most people. Here's why,

A: I do the work personally and I do top quality work whether I'm working on a Ford or a Ferrari or whether doing a basic detail or a full-out show car detail.

B: I only use products that use top quality abrasive technology.

Abrasive Technology
When it comes to getting your car detailed, like all things... you get what you pay for. If you hire a hack detailer that doesn't have any real and up to date knowledge of the tools, pads and products used in the car detailing industry then chances are good they will do more harm to your car than good. Specifically, if they are using cheap paint care products they will remove too much paint and also leave swirls in the paint.

Paint is thin
If you don't already know, let me educate you. The clear layer of paint on your car is thinner than a Post-it Note.

This is a post it note between my fingers

All the UV protection for the entire paint system is in this top thin layer of clear paint. When a detailer remove too much this can and will lead to accelerated clearcoat failure.

Clearcoat failure

Keep reading...
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» Package 2: Budge Ceramic Paint Coating

Package 2: Budget Ceramic Paint Coating

Price: $595.00
Time required: 7 hours


1: Wash and dry
2: Mechanical paint decontamination - Detailing Clay or Nanoskin Towel
3: One-step machine polish - removes shallow swirls and scratches.
4: Chemically strip paint to reomove polishing oils.
5: Install ceramic paint coating.
6: Dress tires.

This is a high quality budget exterior ceramic paint coating installation.

Who should purchase this package?
If you have any vehicle that has minor or light swirls and scratches and what you are most interested in is to for the car to look great but it doesn't need to be perfect or ready for the show car circuit then this is the package for you.

My Recommendation
This is the best and most practical package for most cars and most people including new cars, (new Corvette, Mustang, Porsche, Camaro, F150, Ram, Silverado, etc.), 1960s and 1970s muscle cars, streetrods, classics, etc.

Price: $595.00

Note: Extra larger vehicles add $300.00 for time, material and labor.

» Package 2 - More information
Package 2 - More information

My Package 2 includes the normal washing, drying and decontamination provided in Package 1 however instead of using a one-step cleaner/wax your car will get,
  1. One dedicated machine polishing process
  2. Chemically stripping the piant
  3. Innstallation of a Ceramic Paint Coating
1: Dedicated machine polishing process
This removes the majority of the shallow swirls, scratches, water spots and all oxidation. It also removes any other product previously applied to the surface like old coats of wax or synthetic paint sealants.

2: Chemically stripping paint
Before a ceramic paint coating can be applied to car paint the paint must first be prepped via the machine polishing step, (see step 1 above), and then any and all polishing oils left on the surface by the polishing process must be chemically dissolved or stripped off the paint so they cannot hinder or interfere with the bonding of the ceramic paint coating to the paint. It's simple science.

The chemical stripping of the paint is safe for the paint it's basically using a form of mineral spirits or isopropyl alchohol to liquify any oily residues to remove them 100% off the surface of the paint. This process also requires multiple multiple super high quality microfiber towels. The towels must be absolutely clean and free from any abrasive contaminants so the towels do not simplly put swirls and scratches back into the paint.

3: Installing the Ceramic Paint Coating
After the paint is chemically stripped, next I'll install or apply the ceramic paint coating. Due to the fast evaporation (called flash time), of most ceramic paint coatings, only small sections, about 2' by 2' can be coated at a single time. This means large panels like the hood of a car must be divided up into smaller section. In most cases, an entire hood cannot be coated at one time. Even doors are usually divided up into 2-3 sections.

Applying the coating is simple but tedious and takes a tick more time than applying a traditional car wax. The beneifits are,

1: Incredible gloss that lasts easily outlasts car waxes and synthetic paint sealants.

2: Dramitically longer lastering protection from both the elements and UV rays.

3: A self-cleaning effect - the coating resists dirt, road grime, pollution so it stays cleaner and less contaminated longer.

4: Faster washing and drying - the surface becomes hydrophobic which means water wants to get away from the surface, so washing and drying is faster and easier than when washing a car that has a traditional car wax or synthetic sealant.

5: Helps to prevent light marring. Marring is the kind and gentle word for scratching. Even though your car will have a ceramic coating on it you still have to have common sense and wash the car carefully. You CANNOT take the car to an automatic car wash that uses the spinning brushes or the soft mops as these will put scratches into the coating and thus the paint.

My comments...
I keep a ceramic coating on my wife's Mercedes-Benz and it always looks beautiful. But I also wash it by hand myself and I wash it carefully so as not to put scratches back into the paint.

Questions? Give me a calll to discuss


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Recent Package 2 Jobs

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ShowCarGarage is owned by Mike Phillips

If you have questions about car detailing you can find me at

» Package 3: Premium Ceramic Paint Coating Install

Package 3: Premium Ceramic Paint Coating Install

Price: $995.00
Time required: 10 hours


1: Wash and dry vehicle
2: Mechanically decontaminate
3: Tape-off and cover any trim.
4: Machine compound paint.
5: Machine polish paint.
6: Chemically strip paint.
7: Install ceramic paint coating.
8: Install glass coating
9: Dress tires

This is a premium exterior detailing package. The vehicle will look better than it did when it was brand new.

Who should purchase this package?
If you have any vehicle that has major swirls and scratches and you want a true show car finish then this is the package for you.

My Recommdation
This package is really for garage kept cars that are toys. Something you take out on weekendes, display at car shows or save for "date night".

Price: $995.00

Note: Larger vehicles add $300.00 for time, material and labor.

» Package 3 - More information
Package 3 - More information

My Package 3 includes the normal washing, drying and decontamination provided in Package 1 and 2 only for Package 3 the paint will be,

1: Machine compounded
2: Machine polished
3: Chemically stripped
4: Ceramic coating installed

It is the compounding and polishing steps that separate this package from the other two packages. The compounding step will remove 99% of the defects in the paint that are safe to remove. After compounding the paint will then be polished like offered in Package 2 and then chemically stripped and sealed by installing a ceramic paint coating.

The compounding step by itself can take up to 5 hours and it's this time, labor and added products and multiple pads that increases the cost.

In most cases, to correctly compound the paint on a car you need one pad per panel. The average 2-door car has 9 panels.

9 panels = 9 pads = 1 pad per panel
  1. Roof
  2. Hood
  3. Trunk
  4. Driver's side front fender
  5. Driver's side door
  6. Driver's side rear fender
  7. Passenger side front fender
  8. Passenger side door
  9. Passenger side rear fender
And while buffing out a single panel with a single pad does not wear out the pad, buffing pads do wear out and thus pad wear is a factor in pricing.

Most hack detailers would buff you car out with a single pad and this simply means they don't know what they are doing and are likely doing more damage than good.

Quality work requires both time and labor but also MORE resources. Anytime you hire a detailer ask them hard questions like,
  1. How many pads will you be using on my car?
  2. What kind of pads?
  3. What brand of comound do you use?
  4. What kind of tools do you use?
I can answer these questions and educate you on the right way to machine polish paint and the wrong way to polish paint. Then regardless of whether or not you choose me for the job - at least you'll know who not to hire and why.

Questions? Call me to discuss

» Recent Package 3 Jobs
Recent Package 3 Jobs

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